UT-CO-AZ Road Trip

IMG_2948We recently decided that it would be a good idea to try and see as many national parks as possible before we die. This idea is what prompted the trip…plus we both had wanted to see these places for quite some time. All destinations were brand new to both of us, with the exception of our less-than-1-day visits to Zion and Grand Canyon.

If you’re interested in our commentary and photos, you can find them here:

Road to Zion / Capitol Reef / Arches & Moab / Canyonlands / Mesa Verde / Monument Valley / Canyon de Chelly / Grand Canyon / Williams, AZ


Death Valley & Lone Pine

This was our fourth trip to Death Valley. Our main objectives this trip were to see some sights not yet seen, revisit some sites we had seen, and do some hiking. We did all of that. We also got to take a ride in a small, 4-seater airplane, which was totally unexpected and the highlight of our trip. To bypass the story and jump straight to the photos, click here.

Here’s how it happened:


Tim and his son getting the plane into take-off position.

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Tokyo Cafe, The Quill, Santa Ana Artwalk and threat of Alex’s Bar

That’s tonight’s agenda. I’m now entering the planning stage of my life. In the past, I’d just go to a bar and see what happened.

Our favorite little sushi place located in Old Town Orange

Tokyo Cafe is a little sushi place in Old Town Orange that Shellyeah and I like going to. Good, inexpensive, friendly. The Old Towne roll is the local favorite. We got there and discussed the implications of Google Glass and when the technology will advance to the point where we can send thoughts through the air.

“Hey man, I just iT’d you a millisecond ago.”

“Sorry, Glass was making recs for me”

That degenerated into what kind of flag are we going to put on our house to counter the republican flag that our neighbor across the street waves. (Literally, our neighbor has a republican flag outside the house). We figured, we like food, how about a flag of various foods. Sushi, pizza, corn dog, donut were all discussed. Sew them or silk screen them is now the question.  Continue reading