Arches & Moab

Moab and Arches National Park, May 16-20, 2014

We had three nights of camping in the park to look forward to, but our first night was at the trusty Motel 6 in Moab. We pulled in to town, had dinner at the Blu Pig, and called it a night. Next morning, we found a great little cafe in town called the Red Rock Bakery & Net Cafe. We loved this place! It’s pictured below, and Jay (also in the photo) was very cool and friendly…turns out she’s a dj for a local radio station. After talking to her for a bit, we ate our breakfast and then headed in to the park to set up camp.

That day, we explored the park…drove the main road, stopping along the way to do some hiking to see those arches. The most noteworthy was Delicate Arch at sunset. While the hike there was pretty strenuous (at least for me), it was worth it. Unfortunately, the hike back was when the cold hit (as in sore throat, chills, low energy). We decided to take it easy the next day, so we headed to Canyonlands. We were closest to the north entrance (Island in the Sky), which consists mainly of overlooks down into the canyon. However, we ended up doing a bit of hiking as well and saw the one arch that was accessible in that area.

We ended up having to forgo our third night of camping because my cold got so bad, and we found a room in town where I could rest. Cursorx demonstrated excellent boyfriend behavior, as he went out to get me some food to eat for dinner and then headed back to the campsite that night and broke everything down on his own. Resting did the trick, though. Next morning, we headed back in to the park for a couple of short, low-impact trails before continuing to Mesa Verde.

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