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Wednesday Break

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything here. Shame on us, since we’ve been a little more active in the last few months. Hopefully this trend will continue and spill over into publishing more. Uptown Village Market Our most recent activity was setting up a booth at Bixby Knolls…

Light in the Dark

Working on some warbling perculating images using only the basic color pallet from the LEDs we use in our makelight boxes. These are the first drafts. I only spent about 45 minutes on these and most of that time was used making, and saving, photoshop gradients. Also in that time…

Joshua Tree Moonrise

We recently headed out to Joshua Tree to shoot with portable flash units. Our intention was to catch the moon rise then shoot the trees with light after the fact.

Anza-Borrego Desert Palms

Early January 15, 2018 Shellyeah and I headed out to Anza-Borrego’s Palm Canyon Trail to photograph the parks iconic California Fan Palms. See the photos here.

Birthday Party for the Matriarch

A few weeks ago, April 18, 2014 to be exact, we all gathered to celebrate my mother’s birthday. I can’t remember the name of the place but it was a good time. While most of these photos are of our latest addition Solana, it was in fact my mothers birthday.

Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Valley of Fire

We’re trying to visit, and photograph, all the National Parks in the US. On this trip, we marked off two. To skip this riff-raff and see photos only, click these Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Valley of Fire.

June Lake, Manzanar & Devil’s Postpile

We started in Ridgecrest at the Motel 6, en route to June Lake, to photograph the Sierras from the back seat of the car. Now I’m sure we could’ve stayed at a place with a better neon sign and cool name like ‘China White Inn’ or whatever. To bypass this…

Perseid meteor shower at Joshua Tree

The Perseids meteor shower is one of two reliable showers of the year. The Geminids is the other. This night had no moon interference and we finally got some good shots. View photos here.

Joshua Tree Blooms

For this trip, we forwent the meteor shower and looked at the flowers. Photos here.

Palomar Observatory
and Anza Borrego State Park

At first, I wondered what we would do here. After three days, it was all about the Ocotillo. Find photos from this trip here.